AST 1630 - Bringing Tantai Lingyan to Haohan Continent

AST 1630 - Bringing Tantai Lingyan to Haohan Continent

Previously, when Yu Ruyan had gone to Qing Clan, it was as Qing Shui’s senior. Now, her status had changed and this made her feel awkward, but only Qing Shui knew that he was Yu Ruyan’s first man.

Qing Yi was a very open-minded woman who did not interfere in her son’s matters. Once she saw Qing Shui bringing the two women home, Tantai Xuan in one hand and Yu Ruyan in the other, she already knew what was going on.

People who visited the Qing Clan all knew Yu Ruyan, but only after years had passed did they realize she was also Lady Duanmu. These couple of years had also seen major changes for Yu Ruyan - her temperament seemed to be much better and she also seemed to look more youthful.

Everyone was not familiar with Tantai Xuan, so they said hello and exchanged some pleasantries. This was necessary, as she would inevitably interact with the husband’s family.

Qing You, Qing Hu and the rest were all beaming at Qing Shui. They marvelled at his ability, as all the women he had brought back were kingdom-toppling beauties. In Qing You’s mind, he was better looking than Qing Shui, but just why did not as many women like him?



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