AST 1628 - San Wu City, The Inexperienced Jiu Yunlong

Chapter 1628 - San Wu City, The Inexperienced Jiu Yunlong

The women in his past life liked shopping. Men were willing too, but men were only willing to shop with the women they loved. Similarly, if mean had to shop on their own, then they wouldn’t be that willing anymore. 

Women were more active about it than men, but just like men, they liked to shop with the people they loved; they could feel happiness this way. 

This was part of Dancing Phoenix Continent, and Feng Yan Lake was the nearest to it. Although the place wasn’t situated within the Dancing Phoenix Continent, it was close in distance and could be categorized as such. 

Due to her body constitution, Tantai Xuan’s condition was great without any signs of illness. Besides, Qing Shui was a miracle physician. 

San Wu City! 

This isolated city was called San Wu City. It was huge and the majority were people who had gone into hiding. The locals were actually the minority. Within San Wu City, there were aristocrats and sects, but it didn’t look as terrifying as it seemed.

While the city nominally belonged to Dancing Phoenix Continent, the latter was still in a mess. Qing Shui had no idea who the Guardian Clans or powers of the Dancing Phoenix Continent...

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