AST 1626 - Tantai Xuan’s Feelings

AST 1626 - Tantai Xuan’s Feelings

Tantai Xuan didn’t resist much. She merely struggled against his grasp momentarily without much conviction, allowing the man to pull her along as he pleased. Never had she ever thought that there would be another woman being tugged along when she was getting held by a man.

Qing Shui was caught in a dilemma as well but he must reserve his pride as the last of his priority when facing Tantai Xuan. Watching the resignation in this imposing, elegant and out-of-this-world woman made him smile.

Yu Ruyan opened her heart because of Qing Shui. She had set her sights on Qing Shui, developing a liking of the latter and she was more than satisfied with her current life. With regard to the several women by Qing Shui’s side, she really didn’t plan on taking any action about them. She had never planned on trailing behind him forever, just like how they were now. She preferred it this way. She preferred when Qing Shui would come to visit when he missed her.

Qing Shui could understand the rationale behind Yu Ruyan's thoughts and at least half of his women thought the same. In fact, he had believed it was fine this way too. After all, it was unrealistic to wish for them to gather under the same roof. After all,...

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