AST 1624 - Night Demon, Ye Mei

Chapter 1624 - Night Demon, Ye Mei

From the silhouette, Qing Shui could tell that the other person was a woman. While the night didn't hinder Qing Shui's might, the other person was almost completely wrapped in black clothing, revealing only a pair of cold eyes.

Qing Shui didn’t know the other's age, but he could estimate by their vitality aura that she was in her strongest and growing stage. This must mean she wasn’t old, and from her graceful posture, Qing Shui speculated that she must be young.

Qing Shui and Tantai Lingyan were about 100 meters away from each other. Tantai Lingyan looked at the mysterious intruder and spoke up, "If I’m not mistaken, you were the one who summoned me."

"That’s right. I could feel that we are people of the same class and hence, thought that we should gather. What do you say?"

The woman replied with a low voice that held mysterious strength. It was neither pleasant nor unpleasant to the ears. Her eyes remained fixated on Tantai Lingyan and Qing Shui.

"You are Night Demon!" Tantai Lingyan said.

"You have the blood of Demon King flowing within your body as well. You should have known about our mission. I wonder how...

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