AST 1621 - The outstanding woman was the same as how she was before. Cold and beautiful to the point she could topple over cities

Chapter 1621 - The Outstanding Woman Was The Same As How She Was Before. Cold and Beautiful To The Point She Could Topple Over Cities

Qing Shui was unable to keep himself calm properly and slightly avoided eye contact with her. But as he thought more about it, he felt that he couldn’t be the one acting passively and once again moved his gaze to the cold but soul-taking beautiful eyes.

Tantai Lingyan looked at Qing Shui’s slightly lowered long eyelashes. His thin eyelashes were really long. Compared to the fake brows from his previous incarnation, they weren’t in the least shorter. His eyelashes looked genuine and looked many times better than those fake ones. 

“I have been back for a few days. There were various things going on in my house. I came as soon as I settled the matters there. When I first arrived, I couldn’t wait to see you.” Qing Shui felt like he had gone back to the first round of a match again. 

“Is your trip back here this time going to be a short stay as well?” Tantai Lingyan lifted her brows and revealed her white teeth. Her action like this often stunned Qing Shui and naturally, it happened again. When he came back to his senses, he revealed an awkward smile. 

“I am nothing more than an ordinary fool. You don’t have to take it to heart if I look distracted. No men wouldn’t be when they saw you……”...

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