AST 1620 - Meeting Demon Lord Tantai Lingyan

Chapter 1620 - Meeting Demon Lord Tantai Lingyan

Qing Shui smiled. His eyes hadn’t failed him yet. In the past, he had heard some things about Nalan Ping, and now that he was seeing Nalan Ping for himself, he said, "Give me a reason."

Everything required a reason. The Nalan Clan and Qing Clan should be on opposing stands. No matter what the reason was, the Nalan Clan should not be coming here. Since he did, then he should have his reasons to do so. It wouldn't be something that could be covered with benevolence. It was also not something that can be explained with his filial piety.

"I know that someone in the Qing Clan cultivates a type of martial technique that strikes out while borrowing on the opponent's force, as well as negating forces. I have a martial technique in my hands that's similar to it. I can give it to Qing Clan. Will this do? Other than this, I really don't have anything else." Nalan Ping gave it some thoughts and said.

That secret manual was something that was the most precious to him, after his mother. It was also because of this secret manual that he could secure a little status in the Nalan Clan and was able to stay for a few more years in the Nalan Clan.

Qing Shui was very interested in his talent. He shook his head, "I can help you, but there's no need for the secret manual....

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