AST 1619 - Defeat Old Ancestor Nalan with a Single Move, Nalan Ping

Chapter 1619 - Defeat Old Ancestor Nalan With a Single Move, Nalan Ping

Hearing what the elderly man said, Qing Shui smiled and said, "Of course!"

The old man was the strongest person in the Nalan Clan and he was also the one with the highest level of seniority. Nalan Clan's Old Ancestor, Nalan Xinghai. When he saw how confident Qing Shui was, he knew that this young man wasn't simple. However, he hadn’t thought of the possibility that Qing Shui had any chance of defeating him.

Nalan Xinghai was able to push back the Phoenix Dance Amalgamation and in this place, he was undeniably the strongest. Right now, Nalan Clan's reputation was great and everyone had to show them some respect.

Nalan Clan thought themselves as being very low profile. This time around, they believed that Qing Clan had gone overboard and walked all over them. They felt that while this young clan seemed to have some abilities, they didn't have enough in them to go up against the Nalan Clan. They thought that the Qing Clan didn't know any better.

Nalan Xinghai was a person with a fiery temper. However, he had lived for so many years after all and had gone through many things in his life. When he saw how powerful Luan Luan was, he changed his mind on letting the others from the clan to step out and fight. He decided to do it himself.


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