AST 1618 - Without Any Difficulty, Appearance of Old Man Nalan

Chapter 1618 - Without Any Difficulty, Appearance of Old Man Nalan

Qing Yin did not suffer much injuries, but she appeared a little disheartened when she walked up to Qing Shui. No matter what, one wouldn't feel happy over a loss. Her eyes appeared a little red when she looked at Qing Shui, "Father, am I a disappointment?"

Qing Shui smiled and took his daughter's hand, "Foolish lass. Your father's greatest pride is this family. All of you are my pride." 

"But I lost!" Although Qing Yin was a little aloof from worldly affairs, she was still eager to do well. This was also what that set the difference between her and Qing Yan. Other than some martial techniques that Qing Shui had made it compulsory for her to learn, Qing Yan would spend all of her free time on drawing, music, and other activities. She was very happy. Qing Shui did not force any one of his children. Qing Yan's character was not suited for battle and he only made her cultivate the necessary techniques in order to strengthen her body and increase her lifespan.

Qing Yin smiled and hugged Qing Shui. She had a strong attachment to her father. Although they had not spent a lot of time together when she was young, his presence as her father had always been very clear. Her father doted on daughters over sons as he said...

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