AST 1617 - The showdown between the younger generations of Qing and Nalan Clan (4)

Chapter 1617 - The Showdown Between the Younger Generations of the Qing and the Nalan Clan (4)

At this moment, Nalan Linfeng was feeling conflicted. He took out his long sword, knowing that this wasn’t the time for him to have protective feelings for the opposite sex. Both of them stayed quiet. Actually, Nalan Linfeng had intended to speak but Qing Yin hadn’t even bothered to look at him. 

Nalan Linfeng was an arrogant person. He couldn’t afford to embarrass himself in front of so many people. At this moment, Qing Yin already had her hands on her Five-String Zither.


A powerful and sonorous sound rang. This was the Phoenix Cry Sonic Attack. Qing Yin was considered to be one of the most talented people in music among the younger generation, along with Qing Yan. However, Qing Yan was the kind of person who found it difficult to kill others. Hence, she only practiced it for self-defense. 

Although Qing Yin felt slightly reluctant to stand out, she definitely had the ability to do so. Qing Shui had high hopes for this daughter of his. Qing Yin once again strummed the Five-String Zither. Just like before, the noise made from the Five-String Zither was sonorous. But this time, it felt as if the melody struck directly at one’s heart, instilling fear in those who heard it. 

The Phoenix Cry Sonic Attack could be used for offense, defense,...

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