AST 1615 - The showdown between the younger generations of Qing Clan and Nalan Clan (2)

Chapter 1615 - The Showdown Between the Younger Generations of the Qing Clan and the Nalan Clan (2)

Though Qing Changfeng’s injury might not be that serious, when he stopped fighting, he suddenly felt as if he had lost quite a huge amount of blood. He started feeling a bit dizzy. Right at this moment, Qing Zun appeared on the arena. He appeared almost at the same time as the teenager from the Nalan Clan did.

“Brother Changfeng, you’re hurt. Why don’t you go down to treat your injuries first?” Qing Zun’s volume was quite low. Despite that, a lot of the people below the arena managed to hear it. His words have managed to shut the mouth of the teenager on the arena.

“Brother Zun, please be careful. I will take my leave now!” Qing Changfeng went down after he finished speaking.

Qing Zun was a bit taller compared to Qing Shui. If he was in Qing Shui’s previous incarnation, his height would have been considered to be around 1.9 meters. If not, he would still at least be about 1.85 or 1.87 meters. The teenager opposite him was also fairly tall. They were both very handsome young men.

Qing Zun looked masculine and humble. His opponent, on the other hand, looked a bit gentle and reserved. He was gazing at Qing Zun with pleasant eyes. Since Nalan Clan had already lost two of the rounds, they mustn’t fail this time. They must emerge victorious in this battle. 

“I am Nalan Jian. I greet you!” 

“My name is Qing Zun. I greet you.” Qing Zun said in a calm tone....

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