AST 1614 - The showdown between the new generation of Qing Clan and Nalan Clan (1)

AST 1614 - The showdown between the new generation of the Qing Clan and the Nalan Clan (1)

Since the announcement of the start of the competition, no one had gone up to the stage. Even though the Nalan Clan was the one who challenged the Qing Clan and it might only be a challenge between the younger generations, the younger ones still represented their own clan. This might lead to a series of problems; they might even drag the two entire clans into a war as a result.

Seeing that no one went up, Qing Changfeng took the initiative to do so. He remained silent as he stood on the stage. Qing Changfeng shared a bit of resemblance to Qing Zi. They both possessed tall and lofty figures. He had a very honest look. Compared to Qing Zi, he was a lot more good-looking.

As the opposing team spotted Qing Changfeng going up to the arena, very quickly, a handsome, young teenager also followed along and went up. On the young man’s face, there were still a few bruises. Though they might be faint, they still looked obvious. Qing Shui reckoned that he was the Nalan Clan’s disciple who was hurt by Qing Ming.

The young man’s name was Nalan Lianheng. He was the fifth son of Nalan Clan clan’s head. However, he was a perfect hedonistic son of rich parents. Though he might possess decent strength, he wasn’t able to make it to the top list of the strongest disciples in the Nalan Clan. The potential he drew out of himself was minor. Despite...

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