AST 1612 - Accepting Challenge, Beauties Everywhere

Chapter 1612 - Accepting The Challenge, Beauties Everywhere

After he read the letter, Qing Ming wore a nonchalant smile and said, "We'll fight then. We can't possibly be afraid of them."

Qing Ming then handed the challenge letter to Qing Yin. Qing Yin didn't even look at it before she passed it to Changfeng. It wasn't that she wasn't concerned but there were things that wouldn't be changed once decided. Even though she wasn't a competitive person, she would still be taking part in this challenge.

Qing Changfeng was older than Qing Zun but he had an honest character. Although he was stronger than Qing Zi, he wasn't someone who could take on heavy responsibilities. He was actually a very clever person. Although he was the eldest son, he wouldn't fight for things in the Qing Clan. When one could get more things without trying to fight for it, then he'd be a fool if he still wants to fight with others.

Qing Yin and Qing Zun were twins and were now both in their twenties, already considered as adults. Qing Yin looked a lot like Canghai Mingyue and also a little like Qing Shui. The aloofness she exuded was different from Yiye Jiange's ethereal feeling.

Qing Yin was closer to her family, but to others, she gave off the feeling that one couldn't come into contact with her....

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