Chapter 161 - Double Joy Buddha Portrait

Chapter 161 Double Joy Buddha Portrait.

Chapter 0161 – Double Joy Buddha Portrait

“Oh my, what a perverse technique!” Qing Shui involuntarily spoke with joy.

“Qing Shui, are you speaking of something dirty again?” Wenren Wu-Shuang spoke lightly as she approached him.

“Hehe, this technique is too horny and powerful. If one managed to cultivate this to the 9th level, he would be invincible. It’s a pity that it’s so tough to cultivate this.” Qing Shui lamented.

Wu-shuang merely glanced at it a few times before she departed. She was afraid that her dainty hands would turn huge and burly if she were to master the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palms. For this reason, she had no interest in it. After rolling her eyes at Qing Shui, she returned back to her small chamber.

For the first and second level, all a cultivator need was time. As long as one had time, one would be able to master the initial levels. For Qing Shui, he didn’t lack time at all. The method of circulating...

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