AST 1609 - Constitution Nurturing, Qing Shui Preparing To Go Home

Chapter 1609 - Constitution Nurturing, Qing Shui Preparing To Go Home

When Qing Shui raised his head to let out a sigh of relief, half a day had already passed. He also noticed that he was really tired at that moment. Even so, when he lifted up his head, he could see that the woman was still watching over the situation by his side.

“How is it?” The woman asked, concerned. Qing Shui could sense an uneasiness in her tone. She was afraid that Qing Shui would say something that would disappoint her again.

Qing Shui smiled, “It’s curable, but I need more time. This man would have to bear a lot of needles during this period of time though.”

“That is nothing. This is really great news. I don’t even know how to express my gratitude to you.” The woman let out a deep breath of relief as if she was breathing out a feeling that she had been suppressing inside her heart. She had truly encountered hope after going through so many winding paths.

It was a sign of hope for a person to continue living, and it would still be a symbol of hope for the time to come. In a sense, this hope could be called a goal. The woman’s hope and goal was to cure this man. As long as her desire was fulfilled, it would be a great accomplishment. Fundamentally, it would also make her life much better and wonderful.

“Madam, do not fret. When I manage to cure your husband, it won’t be too late to thank me after that.” Qing Shui replied with...

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