AST 1605 - Qin Qing's Contradiction, Qing Shui's Mental State

Chapter 1605 - Qin Qing's Contradiction, Qing Shui's Mental State

Qing Shui appeared to be in much better spirit that he was before. When he was covered in bloodstains earlier, even people who were close to him were shocked from the sight. Now that he had washed off the blood on him, he appeared to be a little pale, but was already not much different from an ordinary person.

When Qing Shui sat down, the table was already filled with wine and food. Yu Niang and the others were all around. Looking at the familiar people gave Qing Shui a feeling as if he was reborn. He had gone through this scene many times already, but he would still feel extremely overwhelmed each time. After all, life and death was all in a moment.

"Today is a happy day. Why is it that no one's looking happy today? Come, let's have a drink to celebrate." Qing Shui knew that everyone was worried about his injuries. He knew that he was fine now and he picked up his wine cup.

Everyone picked up their cups. Yin Tong and Lan Lingfeng were fine. After all, they were men and were more hardy. Xue Nuo's injuries were now fine too. After everyone picked up their cups and had a drink, the atmosphere loosened up a little.

"Qing Shui, you're injured, so you should drink less." Yu...

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