AST 1603 - Arduous Battle, Terrifying Spike and Scissors

AST 1603 - Arduous Battle, Terrifying Spike and Scissors

The ferocious and furious attacks pressed towards Qing Shui, like the pressure from dark clouds overhead. At that moment, Qing Shui was like a tiny boat in the vast ocean with the waves around him attempting to swallow the boat whole at any moment...

Violent Bull’s Strength Slash!

A trail of smoldering fire swept towards Qing Shui along with the lit baton. The old man had his mind set on eliminating Qing Shui, otherwise, they would be thrown aside by the young man. Not to mention, this young man had declared his intentions of having the members of the Niu Clan rebuild the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

Niu Clan couldn’t afford to lose their pride in this. In addition, their destiny had dictated that they remained adversaries, hence, the best way to go about this was to destroy the root of them all and eliminate the opponent at the bud. The old man knew that if he didn’t kill Qing Shui now, there would only be fewer people who could subdue him in the future. This would be a huge threat to the Demon King’s Inheritance.

Even if it was for the situation that had recently unfolded, he needed to get rid of Qing Shui either way. Thinking this, his attack increased by thrice the vigor. No matter the...

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