AST 1601 - Destroy the Thunderbird, Lei Ming’s Defeat

AST 1601 - Destroy the Thunderbird, Lei Ming’s Defeat

The shock Lei Ming felt was hidden by his calm façade. With a careful look at Qing Shui, he hoped to detect any unease in his expression—perhaps something that would show that he was struggling.

Instead, Lei Ming was disappointed by what he found; now he had truly placed Qing Shui at the same level as himself. The gigantic thunder wings on his back were even clearer and the aura that they emitted rose even higher.

With a smile on his face, Qing Shui brandished the Golden Battle Halberd in his hand and sent the Art of Pursuing towards Lei Ming, decreasing the latter’s speed by 30% in that instant. 

The Art of Pursuing had always been deemed by Qing Shui as a paragon, and while it wasn’t as great as Emperor’s Qi, it wasn’t that inferior either. There was a limit between their disparity and the battle technique was strong in execution.

Lei Ming grew frantic by Qing Shui’s Art of Pursuing—the 30% reduction in speed was terrifying for a martial artist like him, who relied on speed to gain an edge. Panic flashed across those deep, fierce eyes of Lei Ming.

This was a battle where a single slip-up could cost your life. The Inheritance of the Thunder Roc Condor Demon King focused on an increment of speed, and it was the basis of his...

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