AST 1599 - Demon Child Niu Has Been Defeated

Chapter 1599 - Demon Child Niu Has Been Defeated

“Didn’t I say this before, I am also a member of the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Am I not allowed to weigh in on this?” Qin Qing said as she unsheathed a long sword of Jasper Quartz.

Ever since Qin Ying died, her entire disposition had changed. Even though she had essentially recovered, she still retained a gleam of aloofness that she never had before. This was a type of aura that rejected everything. Although she was talking now, there wasn’t a slight emotion in her tone.

An agonized expression appeared on Demon Child Niu’s face. This wasn’t his first time knowing who Qin Qing was. The name ‘Fairy Qin’ was still quite famous in this refined society and dynasty era. Most people only recognized Qin Qing through paintings as the number of people who had seen Qin Qing in real life was scarce. Additionally, she liked wearing a veil to cover her face. Even if she were to walk outside in the public, almost no one would be able to recognize her.

This, however, was Demon Child Niu’s first time meeting Qin Qing face-to-face. Despite that, he had heard so much about Qin Qing and even had a collection of Qin Qing’s portraits in his room.

On top of that, he even swore to obtain this woman after he had awakened his Demon King Inheritance. He didn’t know whether he loved this woman or not, but he knew that he desired...

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