AST 1597 - Xue Nuo’s Serpent Manoeuvre, Yin Tong’s Combat Skills

Chapter 1597 - Xue Nuo’s Serpent-Elephant Manoeuvre, Yin Tong’s Combat Skills

Qing Shui had wanted to withdraw Xue Nuo from the fight but decided it’d be good for her to gain some experience. After all, he wouldn’t be able to take care of her forever. Moreover, she was young, growth would only be good for her.

Xue Nuo paused for a moment. The Niu Clan sent another old man again, but this time, the contender looked just like the stereotypical image of a Niu Clan member. His figure was tall and burly, wearing a long purple robe. In his hands were two weapons that looked akin to thick iron bars. 

From the way he carried himself, to the aura he was exuding, Qing Shui knew that Xue Nuo was no match for the new opponent. On the other hand, he could see the determination in her eyes—he understood in that moment that if he didn’t allow her to continue, it would become a regret that would gnaw at her for a long time.

“Young lady, I don’t wish to bully you. You’d be better off admitting defeat. I trust you can sense that you’re not my match either.” The old man’s voice was filled with vigor, but he was unhurried and frank.

Xue Nuo shook her head. “How will I know if I don’t try? I won’t...

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