AST 1594 - Conflict, Knocked Out Teeth, Another Mystery

Chapter 1594 - Conflict, Knocked Out Teeth, Another Mystery

There was an excited spark in Lan Lingfeng’s eyes when he watched Qing Shui, then followed after him in hurry. They had already regarded Qing Shui as their backbone; as long as Qing Shui was around, they wouldn’t have to waste effort worrying and could relax. In addition, his might increased at a swift speed. The only thing that left them helpless was how busy he was, although he did still leave quite a number of items which they could benefit from. 

The others followed him out as well. Qing Shui, who had just left Ice Ocean Domain, felt a great change in himself. To his perspective, many of the things in Linhai City and Ice Ocean Domain were not worth mentioning any longer. 

Even this Niu Clan that claimed to be successors of Titan Ox Demon King Inheritance weren’t much of a threat to him. He just wanted to know how much might the Demon King Inheritance had now, and figure out his own standing against them.

The issue with Battle God and Demon King had always been on his mind. Yin Tong, Lan Lingfeng and Qin Qing were all successors of Battle God Inheritance, but Qing Shui still felt as though they might still be inferior to Demon King Inheritance. Successors of Demon King Inheritance were...

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