AST 1592 The Blood of Demon King is Beyond Redemption, What Generates Love?

Chapter 1592 - The Blood of the Demon King is beyond Redemption. What creates Love?

Qing Shui was reluctant to part as well but he was determined in not looking back at Yiye Jiange. He could feel her reluctant gaze burning onto his back and fought the urge to turn back out of fear that doing so would cause more grief for Yiye Jiange. 

Sometimes, you need to be decisive and unrestrained in your departure. Since she had chosen to stay in the Sea King’s Palace, Qing Shui wanted nothing else but for Yiye Jiange to feel at peace in her following days without him. That was why he had walked away in haste and didn’t show his attachment. 

    It was the correct choice for her and Qing Shui was pleased. He truly was. He had immense respect for his woman’s decision and of course, he had just as much desire to make her stay by his side but he knew that the probability of it happening was slim. 

Reaching the surface above the Ice Ocean Domain, he exhaled a long breath. It was the first time he had ever stayed underwater for this long. Even with his Paragon Water Shield, there was still a phobia of drowning. 

The atmosphere above Ice Ocean Domain was still gloomy and cold, and now greeting Qing Shui with the spectacular sight of snowflakes floating across the sky. It was...

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