AST 1589 - Battle with Silver Battle King Crab

Chapter 1589 - Battle with Silver Battle King Crab

Without looking back, Qing Shui stopped in his tracks for a brief moment before he walked away with long strides again. Watching his retreating back, there was a trace of perplexing melancholy in the woman’s eyes that couldn’t be expressed with words.

Qing Shui went back without knowing the woman’s name or even knowing if she was the Mistress of Sunset Palace. Perhaps affected by the concept of monogamy in his previous life, he had an innate phobia towards relationships; to have more than one woman in his life made him feel as though he had wronged them all.

All of his women were outstanding. After some time together, he could also understand the rationale behind Yiye Jiange’s choice this time. None of his women would intervene with his relationships; they would settle with minding their own affairs because there was no way they could have Qing Shui to themselves at all times. 

Qing Shui knew by now that the thought of gathering them would be a difficult feat, much less living with them under the same roof. 

Pushing aside these thoughts, he recalled the Portrait of Twelve Beauties—there was only one left. His view on relationships was ever-changing and...

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