AST 1587 - Off to Meet the Palace Lord of Sunset Palace

Chapter 1587 - Off to Meet the Palace Lord of Sunset Palace

Even though rules are rules, sometimes there would be exceptions. This world consisted of five elements, but there were some things which belonged to none of these five elements. Some even belonged to more than one element. 

Having more than one element was like a double-edged sword. The more elements one had, the more elements would counter him.  At the same time, he would also counter more elements, provided he was strong enough. 

For example, no matter how much elemental advantage an elementary level warrior had, he could never win against a Martial King. This was a gap in power, a boundary which could never be crossed. Having an elemental advantage could only overturn situations where both sides were equal in strength. 

This was how the world worked. Everything had something it was weak against and something it was strong against. Only a few people managed to transcend this rule. 

Qing Shui noticed the lost expression on the Yasha Leader's face, but he quickly...

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