AST 1586 - Hacked Two People, Shamefully Retreated

Chapter 1586 - Hacked Two People, Shamefully Retreated

No one changed their battle formations just because some of the Black Demon Mermen had joined the fight. The Hundred Slayers Regiment was like a sharp blade. A few False God cultivators in the squad did not partake in the fight but maintained the formation instead to hold the line. 

This was so that they could keep the overall situation under control. Once if they had the formation under control would the prowess of the formation be amplified and unleashed.

“Qing Shui, the strength of these hundred troops is more powerful than before.” Yiye Jiange said as she stood beside Qing Shui.

“Your strength has increased a lot too.” Qing Shui said, reflecting on her growth.

Yiye Jiange gave him a side glance. She was aware of what Qing Shui was talking about. Everyday for the past few days, both of them had sex. The miraculous ability of duo cultivation was able to boost both of their strengths, especially Yiye Jiange’s. She was able to reap a benefit much greater than that of Qing Shui.

When she thought of the scenery where both of them were passionately enamored together, Yiye Jiange’s heart beat quickly. A faint shade of red blush appeared on her cheeks as well. This man was quite rough on bed too. He had demanded too much of her.

In the beginning, Qing Shui was fine. As the time went by, Qing Shui would slowly allow her to change into different poses. But now, he would just immediately use a set of techniques and perform them one by one…

This resulted...

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