AST 1579 - Kill, Victory, Plan

Chapter 1579 - Kill, Victory, Plan

It was definitely flying with grace, but it seemed like a dragon simply walking. Qing Shui had finally seen the genuine article or rather, the current scene gave him that kind of sensation.

The Golden Sea-Dragon Merman’s figure wasn’t that huge, but that body nevertheless felt overflowing with endless power. He wasn’t using the complete form of the Dragon Walking, but even the complete Dragon Walking of the Dragon tribesman Qing Shui had seen before couldn’t compare to this Golden Sea-Dragon Merman’s incomplete form.

Art of Pursuing!

Vajra Subdues Demons!

The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant issued a strong debuff towards the Sea-Dragon Merman at this moment. It possessed enough defense but the Golden Sea-Dragon Merman it was encountering now possessed unusual strength.


The Dragon Slaying Beast used its most powerful battle skill against the Golden Sea-Dragon Merman, weakening 20% of the total strength of the Dragon Tribesmen. This was the innate skill of the Dragon Slaying Beast and was a battle skill that could neglect the target’s strength and couldn’t be countered.

Emperor’s Qi!

Qing Shui didn’t dare delay any longer and directly used...

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