AST 1577 - Violet Crystal Crowned Shark King

AST 1577 - Violet Crystal Crowned Shark King

Under the alarmed gaze of the Sea-Dragon Merman, the Dragon Slaying Beast directly drilled into the hole on his torso.



The Dragon Slaying Beast’s sharp mouth and claws tore into the Sea-Dragon Merman’s body, causing him to scream endlessly. The screams caused ripples within the surrounding waters of the sea.

It was certain that this Sea-Dragon Merman would die. Qing Shui’s sight locked onto the Giant Crowned Shark: “Didn’t I say that you wouldn’t even get the chance to surrender?”

Nine Palace Laws!

A large area within the sea fell under the Nine Palace Laws. The Giant Crowned Shark bellowed at this moment with a strange voice. Its voice was quite penetrating and its direction was towards the Sea King’s Palace.

“Don’t try that hard. The Carp Tribe tricked you. You stupidly believed that you could exploit the Carp Tribe, but they have already seen through your schemes.” Qing Shui said these words to defend the Carp Tribe.

He knew that it was sometimes better to give the opponent a chance, rather than killing it entirely. The Carp Tribe was quite important if the Sea King’s Palace wanted to exist in this Ice Ocean ...

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