AST 1575 - Crack, Powerful Sea-Dragon Merman

Chapter 1575 - Crack, Powerful Sea-Dragon Merman

Qing Shui was quite astonished when he saw the enemy’s army which had appeared. The scene was too spectacular and since they were underwater, it looked even more shocking.

Giant Sea-Dragons, malevolent Giant Sharks, and various other kinds of organisms with different appearances. There were countless numbers of them. Though they were still quite far, their main body could already be seen now. It seemed that there was no need to transform into their human forms for this battle.

Those Giant Sea-Dragons were different from the Dragons Qing Shui had seen before. He didn’t know whether or not these Sea-Dragons could assume human form, but they were all quite robust-looking and had only two giant front claws.

These Sea-Dragons were blue in color for the most part and looked good, but were just a tad malevolent.

“Can these Sea-Dragons assume human form? I remember that many in the Dragon Tribe were deprived of their ability to transform into their human forms during ancient times.” Qing Shui asked curiously.

“Sea-Dragons can’t assume human form, but the controller of the Sea Dragon Palace is a Sea-Dragon Merman. They are a...

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