AST 1573 - Clearing of the Tenth Heavenly Meridian, Tracker

Chapter 1573 - Clearing of the Tenth Heavenly Meridian, Tracker

Just as Qing Shui was about to enrapture Yiye Jiange in another sweet kiss, a mysterious, strange, yet tyrannical wisp of aura rose from Yiye Jiange and entered Qing Shui’s body.

As it entered Qing Shui’s body, Qing Shui found that his aura began to wildly flare up, quickly harmonizing within his meridians.

After one great circulation, it returned to Yiye Jiange’s body, before going back to Qing Shui again.


Yet another Heavenly Meridian was cleared, but this was within Qing Shui’s expectations, the tenth Heavenly Meridian!

Qing Shui didn’t even have time to sigh in admiration, as shockingly, yet another meridian had been cleared. Of the Twelve Earthly Meridians, the second meridian had been cleared.

He had just cleared one of the Twelve Earthy Meridians recently. To have cleared another one this quickly was unexpected, to say the least. A cultivator’s strength, the meridians and his bodies had a massive connection; the number of meridians opened correlates to strength, explosive power, endurance, and...

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