AST 1571 - Discussion and Negotiation

Chapter 1571 - Discussion and Negotiation

"I know you wouldn't have any trouble defeating him. I am your woman so what's the need of feeling jealous. Jin Liyu is just a child who hasn't matured." Yiye Jiange said shyly.

"I am also a child who hasn't matured, I want to suck breasts..."

Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange were speaking through sound transmissions so the others naturally couldn't hear them.

But his words made her blush, making her look at him with anger. Qing Shui on the other hand blinked as he licked his lips with his tongue, his eyes gazing towards Yiye Jiange's perky bosom.    

Yiye Jiange couldn't take his passionate gaze and helplessly lowered her head.

"Since you've agreed, why don't we go at it now?" Jin Liyu's mood seemed anxious.

Jin Liyu's manners made Qing Shui feel unwell a little previously. If it was before, he'd have become angrier but he couldn't now as the counterpart was a Beastman and he had realized from Yiye Jiange's words that there was something wrong with this Jin Liyu's brain.

"3rd Palace Master, let's finish fighting first...

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