AST 1566 - Return to Linhai City, Effort will be paid off eventually

AST 1566 - Return to Linhai City, Effort Will Be Paid off Eventually

Qing Shui was still a little depressed, he had no way to maximise the power unleashed from the Golden Battle Halberd but he could already be considered somewhat satisfied right now. The Nine Continents Mountain when Qing Shui was using the Golden Battle Halberd, can achieve roughly about 3 billion sun in terms of attack power.

Right now, Qing Shui felt if even he just casually used the Nine Continents Mountain to smash around, there should be almost no one who could withstand his strength.

“Alright I will listen to you. I will not use them casually then.” Qing Shui smiled.

“You can listen to whoever you want to listen to. What has it got to do with me?” Muyun Qingge pouted lightly. When she glanced up at the sky, she realised half the day had already passed.

“Let’s go. Pack up and let’s be on our way!” Qing Shui already started to pack up his tent. He didn’t ask Muyun Qingge about how much her strength had increased. Honestly speaking, he didn’t have an intense desire to know.


Qing Shui didn’t hide anything, he directly used the Nine Continents steps, shocking Muyun Qingge once...

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