AST 1562 - Healing Injuries, Poison Dragon Flower Has Matured

Chapter 1562 - Healing Injuries, The Poison Dragon Flower has Matured

The woman gritted her teeth. The blush on her cheeks was like rays of the setting sun. However, she knew Qing Shui wasn’t doing this to take advantage of her. She also could sense that at the point where Qing Shui’s finger tapped at, the cold qi within her body would be driven away. Next, Qing Shui began the acupuncture.

He did so methodically, slowly placing the Gold Essence needles around the woman’s body. Her left leg had the least number of needles.

Her body was completely exposed to him and the most sensitive part was also touched by him. She initially thought she would die but who would have thought he really did have a method to save her. How would they interact with each other in the future?

She suddenly felt something on her leg. A warm hand was clutching her feet and when she sensed that, she had already discovered that the cold qi in her body was being expelled.

After that was the removal of the needles. Qing Shui’s actions were agile, finishing in a few moments. After Qing Shui removed the last needle, the woman hurriedly put on her clothes.

At this moment, Qing Shui had already exited the formation and removed...

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