AST 1561 - Yiye Jiange was the Palace Mistress of Sea King Palace? Wound

Chapter 1561 - Yiye Jiange was the Palace Mistress of Sea King Palace? Wound

“Are you hurt?” Qing Shui asked intentionally even though he already knew the answer. He was grabbing her cold hand which was as smooth as jade. The comfort he felt while doing so was something which words couldn’t describe. But now, he knew that treating her wounds would come as one of his priorities. Even if the purpose of curing her was just to look for Yiye Jiange, he must help bring her back to health.

“Yes, I am afraid I might not be able to send you there.” The woman sounded sad when she answered. It was unclear if she was feeling sad for herself or Qing Shui.

Qing Shui felt really weird. Why would a woman think about such a thing at this moment? The woman’s aura was also disordered in a very strange way. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have said such a thing.

“Do not worry, for I am a gifted physician. As long as it’s someone whom I have taken a fancy to, not even the God of Death can take them away from me.” Qing Shui said with a smile. As he was saying so, he transferred a wave of Nature Energy into her body.

Qing Shui’s sentence somehow sounded a bit faulty. The woman was wearing a conical hat, and Qing Shui didn’t overthink his words. The woman had also forgotten about other things for now. At this kind of crucial moment, everything else would seem unimportant.

“Thank you for your good intentions, but I am well aware of my own conditions....

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