AST 1560 - Circle, reunion with the woman with mysterious aura

Chapter 1560 - Circle, Reunion with the Woman of Mysterious Aura

Everything became clear to Qing Shui when he heard what Tang Yilong said. His intention was to let people become aware of Qing Shui’s relationship with the Tang Clan and from then on, connect a line between himself, Tang Clan and Qin King Manor.

After a moment of thought, Qing Shui found this a viable option. The Tang Clan had decent strength. Qing Shui has also heard about Tang Clan from Old Man Qin before. He seemed to think highly of their strength. 

Qing Shui saw Tang Yilong looking right back at him with a serious look. In his eyes, he didn’t seem to be worried that Qing Shui wouldn’t agree to it. But at the same time, he also didn’t mean to underestimate Qing Shui. It could be seen that he was sincerely wanting for them to form an alliance together. 

Though both parties might not be from the same dynasty, there were quite a few existing cases where two clans of different dynasties would form alliance with each other. The reason why the Gu Clan was being criticized was because the way they helped outsiders had been too despicable. 

A normal battle between martial warriors. A just and honorable battle, it would be fine as long as they could stand firmly on their own. 

It’s only personal matters when two clans built relationships with each other. In his previous incarnations, there were a lot of people who had foreign friends too. Hence, it wasn’t really such a huge deal for two clans from different...

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