AST 1556 - Near Misses, Killing the Foe with Life and Death Needles

Chapter 1556 - Near Misses, Killing Foes with Life and Death Needles


The sound was as loud as the burst of an air pocket. The halo that Qing Shui used to strike back had blocked the merged phantom and just as soon caused them to vanish. 

Qing Shui breathed a sigh of relief. In the nick of time, he had thought of using his Saintly Hands. He speculated that his saint powers weren’t that much inferior in comparison to Qin Qing’s, which was why he put in every possible effort at the very last moment—at least this should be enough to save his life!

Not only did he save himself, he was unharmed by the last and possibly strongest attack. On the contrary, he was wounded by the previous, less damaging strike.

Qing Shui looked critically injured but he knew that this injury was nothing in comparison to what could have been. When the glistening golden ray guarded him...

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