AST 1555 - Sword of Father and Son, Soul Lock, In the Nick of Time

Chapter 1555 - Sword of Father and Son, Soul Lock, In the Nick of Time

Once the battle commenced, the old man took out a dagger and the bewitching younger man took out a sword. The two weapons were similar and the only difference was their lengths. 

They were both broken swords.

“The Sword of Father and Son!”

Qin Qing exclaimed in shock. Hearing her words, Qing Shui froze as well. There was really nothing as inconceivable in this world— Sword of Father and Son? What a strange name for a weapon!

“What’s with the Sword of Father and Son?” Qing Shui glanced at the similar weapons. The color of the dagger on the older man was slightly grey while the sword on the younger man was bright. 

“According to the legend, the two swords were crafted by a father, using his life essence as a sacrifice. During the crafting process, the sword took a liking for the owner’s blood and hence, the father sacrificed himself for the son. However, the sword shattered and the distraught son leaped into the sword furnace. The sword was split into two from then on, they were jointly named the Sword of Father and Son.” Qin Qing explained its history briefly. 

“Is it powerful?” Qin Shui asked after some thinking. 

“It’s a pretty decent weapon among all the other legendary stories....

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