AST 1550 - Qin King Manor’s crisis

Chapter 1550 - Qin King Manor’s Crisis

The woman left. Qing Shui somehow had a feeling like he was drifting in the mist. He planned to wait for one month. He was certain that the woman was able to recognize Yiye Jiange. Most importantly, Qing Shui somehow felt that Yiye Jiange was related to the Aquatics.

This made Qing Shui’s feel a tug in his heart. He couldn’t wait to meet Yiye Jiange and find out the truth about everything. He had been separated from Yiye Jiange for too long. 

“Have you heard about it? Qin King Manor from the Great Qin Dynasty had eliminated the Leng Clan from the Sacred Might Dynasty.”

A voice went into Qing Shui’s ears, catching his attention. 

“A lot of people has already known. What’s so special about it?” The voice from before once again came through into his ear.

“Don’t you think that Qin King Manor is looking down on us Sacred Might Dynasty by eliminating one of our aristocratic clans right around our territory?”

“Aren’t they doing precisely that? Recently, a lot of people have been complaining that the royal clan is useless. Some of the clans even went on and demanded the royal clan to find justice for the Leng Clan.”

“Find justice? The Leng Clan is gone. Why would the royal clan bother to do it? They can’t get anything beneficial out of it.”

“But the Leng Clan still has a lot of allies. They wouldn’t just allow the Leng Clan to be eliminated like this. If this goes on, they will lose all their faces.”


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