AST 1549 - Searching For Yiye Jiange

Chapter 1549 - Searching For Yiye Jiange

Qing Shui was startled. This wasn’t the first time he had encountered such matters. There was actually a faint trace of aura surrounding her that didn’t resemble humans. She could be considered a demon immortal. A powerful demon immortal would also not be able to hide all of its aurae completely.

Legend has it that for demon immortals who reached the Divine realm or were at the peak of False God, they could shed off 50% of their demonic qi and start to transform into a life form resembling humans. But even so, there would still be some traces of demonic beasts characteristics.

These were some mystical traits of the demonic beast race. Not all demonic races could transform into humans. An example was the mermaid tribe. They were among the extremely rare few who could do so.

Qing Shui...

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