AST 1548 - The Qin Qing that underwent a great personality change, Departure

Chapter 1548 - The Qin Qing that Underwent a Great Personality Change, Departure

Qing Shui understood why the Leng Clan would do this to Qin Ying. Too many members of the Leng Clan had died in Qing Shui and Qin Qing’s hands. This was revenge. It was only to be expected that they would do such a thing.

Human nature would always side with one’s family instead of justice. They wouldn’t feel anything even if their clan members committed evil acts, but if their clan members were being humiliated or killed, this was simply unforgivable. There were so many from the Leng Clan that died, Qin Ying unfortunately became the sacrifice.

Thinking back to that young girl who was in her prime, the little girl who called him Brother Shui. Qing Shui was the closest, other than Qin Qing, to none other than this little lass in the Qin King Manor.

Her death made Qing Shui extremely angry and so very sad. It was an indescribable sadness. He was a doctor and as long as she had a breath of life left, he would be able to pull her back to life. But some illnesses were simply untreatable.

It was unknown what Qin Ying had experienced, enduring a sort of torture that made her lose all courage to continue leaving, choosing to escape by death.

Qin Qing’s eyes turned...

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