AST 1545 - Titan Ox Strength, Miraculous Energy

Chapter 1545 - Titan Ox Strength, Miraculous Energy

When they entered the palace hall, Qing Shui felt the pressure diminished greatly. However, this actually made Qing Shui somewhat depressed. Based on normal logic, the closer they got to the treasures, the more intense the pressure and danger would be. However, the Frenzied Bull Strength was still circulating speedily around his body, unbidden of his will.

He turned his head back and discovered Qin Qing’s face had turned completely pale as if she was under great pressure. Feeling taken aback, he sent a strand of Frenzied Bull Strength into her body.

In just an instant, Qin Qing felt that the pressure boring down on her had immediately diminished by a great deal. Just a while ago, the pressure was so intense that she couldn’t even breathe.

This made Qing Shui felt even more...

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