AST 1543 - Blackfire Demon Ox, Titan Ox?

Chapter 1543 - Blackfire Demon Ox, Titan Ox?

“Save it, if you were my enemy, I would have killed you a long time ago.” Qin Qing summoned back her weapons and snorted.

“Sister Qing, you are starting to become more and more feminine. You look so much better this way.” Qing Shui looked at Qin Qing’s slightly angered face and smiled.

Qin Qing was really upset. Qing Shui was the kind of man who wouldn’t bother even if oil or salt went inside him. Unless Qin Qing really got angry, she wouldn’t have any methods of dealing with him. She said in an upset tone, “If you are complaining about not having anything to do, why don’t you go and make some food?”

Qing Shui nodded. Qin Qing looked back at him and smiled as well. Deep down, she felt something unusual within her. It was the same as when two people lived together. This kind of emotion had made her feel a bit weird.

While looking at Qing Shui’s back, Qin Qing had an unusual feeling which couldn’t be described with words. She had never been this close to another man, both physically and mentally. She felt that she had already crossed...

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