AST 1542 - Seven Yang Pill's Completion, Strongest Hope

Chapter 1542 - Seven Yang Pill's Completion, Strongest Hope

After finding a place in a corner, each of them took one side so that they couldn't look at each other. The arrangement resembled two rooms. Hence, there was no need to use a tent.

But Qin Qing still decided to make a tent...

This dealt a heavy blow to Qing Shui. As he looked at her preparing the tent, he said lightly: "Sister Qing, I think this tent has no use if I wanted to do anything."

"This tent isn't to stop you but to act as a warning line. If you cross it, I'll attack." Qin Qing smiled at him.

Qing Shui nudged his nose while smiling: "Are you telling me that I can take action if I can beat you?"

"I dare you." Qin Qing glared at him and entered the tent.

"Sister Qing, can I come inside your tent to take a rest?"

"You're not allowed to!"

Qing Shui felt helpless. He took out a bed and placed it outside, laying on it to take a nap. The color of the sky had already become completely dark now. The two of them didn't have dinner. It wasn't that they didn't have an appetite, but rather that it wasn't a problem even if they didn't have meals for half a month. 

Qing Shui left the demonic beasts behind as night guards. Although it was entirely safe here, it was better to guard against the unexpected. After that, Qing...

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