AST 1541 - Killing the Poison Dragon, Spirit Pool

Chapter 1541 - Killing the Poison Dragon, Spirit Pool

The Poison Dragon's Sure Kill Heavenly Technique was quite powerful. If it weren't for Qing Shui as well as Qin Qing and the Dragon Slaying Beast being immune to the poison, there probably wouldn't have been much of a fight.

Thanks to the Paragon Golden Armor, Qing Shui wasn't injured at all. The Dragon Slaying Beast was the same, but Qin Qing, because of the black clouds or some other reason, had become pale.

"How is it? Are you alright?" Qing Shui grabbed her hand and made his Nature’s Energy circulate through her body once to dilute the black clouds which had entered her body. Her complexion also recovered after that.

"Better now. That black fog is quite terrible." Qin Qing said and pulled Qing Shui away from the Poison Dragon, which was dashing towards them.

Qing Shui felt a little troubled. The Sure Kill Heavenly Technique had already used the ability of his Paragon Golden Armor, and it was unknown how many times the Poison Dragon before their eyes could use the Sure Kill Heavenly Technique.

With the Poison Dragon strength, it definitely had a few Sure Kill Heavenly Techniques, only some of which were passive. Its genuine trump cards were few in number, and they would deplete with each...

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