AST 1533 - The Battle Against the Gu Clan.

Chapter 1533 - The Battle Against the Gu Clan

Qing Shui didn’t regard Gu Yelong who was charging towards him as a threat. Though Qing Shui might have had his attention in the younger generations of warriors and that Gu Yelong might have been one of the outstanding warriors among the generations in the Gu Clan, he was only considered a decent one. There was still a huge gap between him and Qing Shui or Qin Qing.

Qing Shui was standing still while Gu Yelong held his long sword in his hand. Somehow, Qing Shui kept feeling that Gu Yelong was holding the sword just to show off.

Taichi Cloud Hands!

Qing Shui didn’t move, yet he managed to avoid Gu Yelong’s sword. He immediately extended his hand and grabbed Gu Yelong’s neck. The longsword dropped out of his hand and down the arena, making a loud and clear noise.

It only took one move and Qing Shui had already managed to choke the opponent. He held him up in mid-air as Gu Yelong was struggling. Everyone could tell that if Qing Shui had wanted it, he could have killed him with ease.

Before this, Gu Yelong was really embarrassed already. And now, with just one move, he was being raised up in the air like a struggling chicken by a man younger than him. The humiliation which he received was more than enough to kill him. 

“Answer me. Why do you want to dig your own grave so badly? Is it because you think that I am weak enough to bully? Why would the Gu Clan have a useless...

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