AST 1530 - A Voluntary Action

Chapter 1530 - A Voluntary Action

Qing Shui had his lunch at the old man’s home. The people from Qin King Manor were all here. The clan consisted of a lot of experts, children and more. Basically, people of all ages. Qing Shui didn’t expect things to be so grand.

However, getting the old man’s lifespan extended was still quite a big issue. Thus, it was normal for them to hold such a grand dinner. The only question was whether the news had spread or not. Everyone was happy to find out Qing Shui came with Qin Qing. They were all really friendly to him as well.

Qing Shui didn’t know if everyone from Qin King Manor was present or not. There were about thirty of them who came so the atmosphere was still quite boisterous. The old man was really happy. Somehow, Qing Shui could feel that there were people who realized that the old man’s life had been extended.

A lot of people knew that Qing Shui came to Qin King Manor this time in order to treat the old man. They knew now that the old man had been cured, but it was unknown how many people were aware that the problem with the old man was that he was reaching the end of his life.

Qin King Manor shared a decent relationship with the royal family. There might not be many family members in Qin King Manor, but they had a lot of experts in it. Qin Baifo might seem really humble, but his strength was so formidable that even Qing Shui was unable...

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