AST 1526 - Hellfire Phoenix’s Nine Phantoms Slaughter, Qin King Manor

Chapter 1526 - Hellfire Phoenix’s Nine Phantoms Slaughter, Qin King Manor

In the state of Nine Phantoms Slaughter, the Hellfire Phoenix’s might had reached a terrifying degree. This was mainly due to the presence of Qing Shui’s formations and halos. Otherwise, it would be impossible to achieve the level it had now.

It was precisely because of this that Qing Shui was intimidating. He could drastically increase his own strength, while weakening his opponents. The contrasting effects could deepen any discrepancies greatly.

The old man had spilled those threatening words, but all of a sudden, he found himself faced with the emergence of an overwhelming force that was impossible to defend against. That was when he knew the Leng Clan had dug itself into a mess.


Instant kill! The consciousness of the old man began to dissipate. Qing Shui was confident from the start. It was only that he did not want to reveal too much too soon. In addition, he wanted to observe the extent of the Hellfire Phoenix’s power.

Within a quarter of an hour, its consumption had increased tenfold, but this expense was still acceptable. A quarter of an hour was enough, and since it had already demonstrated...

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