AST 1525 - Battle with Leng Ye, Battle Royale

Chapter 1525 - Battle with Leng Ye, Battle Royale

With everything ready, Qing Shui looked towards the man named Leng Ye, and said unhurriedly, "When everything’s said and done, I hope you will have no regrets."

"I, Leng Ye, have never regretted anything in my life." As Leng Ye met Qing Shui’s gaze, he strengthened his conviction.

"Alright, let’s start then!"

Qing Shui was well aware about the advantage of striking first. He had the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant attack with its Diamond Sword Qi and Vajra Subdues Demons, while Qing Shui simultaneously used the Heavenly Talisman, Art of Pursuing and Emperor’s Qi.

As he began his offense, so did Leng Ye. The ten Dark Demonic Jiao Kings started spouting clouds of black fog towards Qing Shui at odd angles.

Area Dominance!

Regardless of its toxicity, Qing Shui’s body had long been immune to toxins. However, there was also Qin Qing and some of his other beasts with him. In that instant, with Qing Shui at the heart of its focus, the blackened fog was expelled from the white-clad area that appeared.


The Giant Azure Dragon let out a resounding roar. Its huge stature circled and, like an overturned river, bouts of water began pouring down from the sky, cleansing the fog away from their surrounding area.

A black halo began glowing on the bodies of the Dark Demonic Jiao Kings. Along with the old men and Leng Ye, more than a dozen people...

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