AST 1523 - Hellfire Phoenix’s Rage, Wind Thunder Claw

Chapter 1523 - Hellfire Phoenix’s Rage, Wind Thunder Claw

The Hellfire Phoenix was also black as ink. It was quite stunning as well compared to the Black Dragon in front of them. However, the Hellfire Phoenix appeared a bit more refined and noble. It should be known that the Hellfire Phoenix’s blood type was of a noble grade, too. 

The Black Dragon continuously wobbled on its spot, as if it was feeling quite uncomfortable. Meanwhile, the Hellfire Phoenix quietly and gently flapped its enormous wings while remaining at its original position.

Qing Shui gazed at the opposite side and noticed that they were clearly thinking of something as they were also scrutinizing at Hellfire Phoenix. It should be mentioned that phoenixes and dragons were on the same level of existence. Even though the Hellfire Phoenix did not have the pleasing color of other phoenixes, the more one looked at it, the more pleasing Hellfire Phoenix would look. Black wasn’t a magnificent color, yet it exuded coldness and death.

Qing Shui truly didn’t know why these people would block him from going further. He didn’t utter a word either, as he wanted to see what they would do to him first.

A young man was the first to walk out from the group. He was quite young and seemed to look as young as Qing Shui, albeit only from the age of his appearance. This man had a tall and straight figure, and his clothes...

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