AST 1519 - The Smug Hua Clan Ancestor

Chapter 1519 - The Smug Hua Clan Ancestor

The elder laughed. "I may as well tell you. I am already at the level of Peak False God. How are you going to fight me?”

Qing Shui watched as the old man expressed such genuine self-superiority over him, as though he was not worthy enough an opponent in his eyes. In the old man’s eyes, Qing Shui was akin to a termite. The reason he hadn’t initiated the fight while he was in Imperial Cuisine Hall, and had instead called Qing Shui out here, was that so he could seek such dominance. With this condescendence, he wanted to witness the shock and distress of Qing Shui.

As for the ruthlessness he had reserved for Qing Shui, he concluded that eliminating him without delay would be too easy on the younger man. He was going to defeat Qing Shui bit by bit, and let him experience despair a little by little.

As opposed to the fear he had hoped to see on Qing Shui’s face, the latter merely wore an expression of indifference, upsetting the old man even more. Still, the old man didn’t feel much rage; he would let Qing Shui experience despair.

Although Qing Shui could feel the powerful aura emitted from the old man, it still felt weaker in comparison to Qin Qing. It was even weaker than his own Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and Hellfire Phoenix.

He wasn’t...

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