AST 1516 - The Hua Clan that doesn’t know when to give up

Chapter 1516 - The Hua Clan that doesn’t know when to give up

During this period of time, nothing major happened in the Linhai City. The Imperial Cuisine Hall had the protection of the Lan Clan and Ziche Clan and there are also several clans who own a favor to the Imperial Cuisine Hall. So even if Qing Shui isn’t here, there would still be people willing to step up to help the hall settle its problems.

Because Yu Niang had to take care of the little lass, she returned to her room soon after. After Yu Niang left, Qin Qing and Xue Nuo also departed, leaving behind Qing Shui, Yin Tong and Lan Lingfeng.

Although Tianyi had a pretty good relation with Qing Shui and the others, he knew it was impossible for him to stand on the same stage with them. Maybe they might still travel together, or maybe they would split up after a while. It might even be a problem if they wished to meet again in the future.

“Where is this elder miss of Qin Clan from? I can’t even sense her strength. Is she stronger than you?” Lan Lingfeng asked Qing Shui.

The three of them are people who inherited the inheritances of battle gods. When together, they had nothing they couldn’t discuss. And in the future, it can...

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