AST 1513 - It was actually the Ancient Ruins!

Chapter 1513 - It was actually the Ancient Ruins!

Qing Shui didn’t notice the change in the woman’s expression. His mind was entirely preoccupied with the thought of Sea King's Palace, even though the purpose of treasure hunting this time around was only in hope of gaining some form of advantage from it; to allow himself to advance towards Sea King's Palace a little faster, and the process a little smoother.

Qing Shui didn’t dwell on what she said or bear any hope. It was like a kind of rambling, speaking without holding much importance to the conversation, hoping he would get the answer he wanted to hear.

Qing Shui found himself becoming more vulnerable, and when one felt vulnerable, they hoped others would show some empathy. He shook his head in an effort to ditch these thoughts. Regardless of what would happen after, he had to first find the treasure. The combination of his current level of might and the beasts could be regarded as formidable in the False God Realm. While it wasn’t invincible, no one would be able to deal any damage to him either.

Even he felt speechless by his own ability to resist attacks and his own strength.

"Why are you looking for Sea King's Palace?" In a casual tone, the woman questioned just as Qing Shui stopped his own queries. 

"It seems like my wife had gone to Sea King's...

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